Free, “All Right Now”


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All Right Now (Island, 1970)

All Right Now was a #2 UK single (#4 in the U.S.) by English rock band Free. It was taken from their third album, Fire and Water. All Right Now was a #1 single in Austria, Denmark, both charts in the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. (It was also top five in France, Germany and Switzerland and top ten in Belgium.) In 1990 ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) recognised All Right Now for garnering 1,000,000 plus radio plays in the U.S. In 2006 BMI London donned a Million Air award for 3 million airplays in the U.S.


Chief Joseph


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Chief Joseph (March 3, 1840 – September 21, 1904)

Chief Joseph is known for one of the greatest military retreats in history. He was born Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt (Thunder Rolling Down a Mountain) but known as Joseph, after his father who was baptized in 1838, in the Wallowa Valley, the territory that became Oregon. The Nez Perce people were forced to move to a reservation in 1877. Just before the move, some followers attacked and killed several white settlers. Fearing repercussions and wanting to avoid defeat, Chief Joseph led his 700 followers on a 1,400-mile journey towards Canada. They came within 40 miles of the Canadian border but were too exhausted and starved to continue on. His group was down to 87 and Chief Joseph was forced to surrender, not wanting to lose any more men. Chief Joseph and his remaining people were escorted to Kansas, then to what became Oklahoma. In 1885, they were able to return to the Pacific Northwest. Chief Joseph died on September 21, 1904.

“Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose”


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Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose (Createspace, 2012)

Caraboose is a overall wearing moose that takes over for the tooth fairy when she goes on vacation. Written by Lynn Swanson.

Bat Paste


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Bat Paste (Thailand)

In Thailand (and parts of China and Guam) they drop live mouse, fruit or fox bats into a pot of boiling water or milk. When the bat is roasted to its desired “doneness,” the bat is chopped and made into a paste with Thai herbs and spices.

“The Yuck Show”


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The Yuck Show

The Yuck Game Show is an energetic science assembly program available to all schools and libraries across Texas. The audience is divided into two teams to compete in curriculum-based science games and big, highly visual science demonstrations with the winning team’s captain getting the ultimate prize…slime! In the active experience, an average of 35 to 45 students per show go up on stage to participate in the engaging activities.

McCoys, “Hang on Sloopy”


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Hang on Sloopy (Bang 506, 1965)

In 1964 Wes Farrell and Bert Berns had a #1 single (#5 in the UK) with My Girl Sloopy, recorded by The Vibrations for Atlantic Records. In August 1965, the world fell in love with the retitled version, Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys. It also went to #1. The McCoys version came off the album of the same name.

“Johnny Handsome”


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Johnny Handsome (Carolco Pictures, 1989)

Johnny Handsome is a 1989 American crime drama directed by Walter Hill and based on the novel The Three Worlds of Johnny Handsome by John Godey. The film starred Mickey Rourke, Ellen Barkin, Forest Whitaker and Morgan Freeman.

John Sedley (Rourke) is a man with a disfigured face and mocked as “Johnny Handsome.” He is double-crossed by accomplices in a crime (Barkin) and sent to jail. There he meets a surgeon (Whitaker) looking for a guinea pig. After his release he tries to go straight, but his yearning for revenge becomes too strong to ignore.



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Power (Sire, 1988)

Power was rapper Ice-T’s second album. Ice-T implicates on the album that everyone, from radio programmers to the police, are accomplices in the decline of Western civilization. Lyrics on the album also started a feud between Ice-T and rapper LL Cool J.

Two singles were released from Power: I’m Your Pusher and High Rollers. I’m Your Pusher was the song responsible for starting the feud with LL Cool J. The song’s message was actually anti-drug but was misinterpreted. It also contains a sample of Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield. High Rollers has an anti street hustler message, but, again, was misinterpreted.

Spongebob Address Book


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Spongebob Address Book (Martins Design, 2007)

Hard to imagine that a harmless address book would make it onto a list of banned toys, but in 2007 that is exactly what happened to the fully licensed Spongebob Address Book. Why? The paint used on the metallic book bindings contained lead.



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Pahiyas Festival (Phillipines)

Every May, Lucban, a town in the Phillipines celebrates Pahiyas to give thanks to Saint Isidro de Labrador, the patron saint of farmers, for a bountiful harvest. Residents engage in a friendly competition to outdecorate their neighbors by covering every square inch of their homes in colorful produce.