Original Caste, “One Tin Soldier”


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One Tin Soldier The Original Caste (Bell, 1969)

One Tin Soldier was a 1960s counterculture era anti-war song written by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter and first performed by Canadian pop group The Original Caste. It peaked at #6 in Canada. In early 1970, it hit #34 in the U.S.

A 1971 cover by Coven for the film Billy Jack hit #26 in the U.S. and a 1972 cover by Skeeter Davis hit #4 on the Canadian country chart and #2 on the Canadian adult contemporary chart. It also earned Davis a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal.

Stephanie Moseley


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Stephanie Moseley (February 14, 1984 – December 8, 2014)

Stephanie Elyse Moseley was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is known for her work in the films The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) and Mirror Mirror and Sparkle (both in 2012). She also starred on VH1’s Hit the Floor. Moseley also served as a backup dancer for such singers as Chris Brown and Britney Spears. Moseley was married to rapper Earl Hayes. The couple were found dead in her Los Angeles apartment of an apparent murder-suicide. Moseley was only 30 years old at the time of her death.

“The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow”


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The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow (Albert Whitman & Company, 2010)

In The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow, a young girl helps a leprechaun build a rainbow. She sacrifices her favorite things so that the sun will shine on her grandfather while he plays the bagpipes in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Her generosity is rewarded and she is able to make a very special connection with her grandfather. This sweet story was written by Sean Callahan and illustrated by Nancy Cote.

Berry Berry Kix


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Berry Berry Kix (General Mills, 1990s)

The first incarnation of Berry Berry Kix had berry pieces shaped like the berries they were naturally flavored with. Otherwise it also included round corn cereal pieces. It came into the marketplace in the 1990s, but quickly disappeared. The cereal still exists, is still made by General Mills, still has the same name and taste. The only differences are the new packaging and the cereal pieces. Berry Berry Kix is still a round-shaped corn cereal, but the berry pieces are round now. Berry Berry Kix is still readily available too.

“Sylvania Waters”


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Sylvania Waters (ABC and BBC, 1992)

Sylvania Waters was one of the first reality TV programs to follow and document the lives of an Australian family. It was broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on March 7, 1992. Sylvania Waters was co-produced by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and ran for 12 episodes, ending on June 28, 1992. Noeline Baker and Laurie Donaher lived at 48 MacIntyre Crescent in the Sydney suburb of Sylvania Waters. The crew followed the couple around for six months to document their newfound wealth and interpersonal conflicts.

Cathy Carr, “Ivory Tower”


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Ivory Tower Cathy Carr (Fraternity Records, 1956)

Ivory Tower was written by Jack Fulton and Lois Steele. The most popular recordings were from Cathy Carr and Gale Storm and an R&B version from Otis Williams. Carr peaked at #2; Storm at #6 and Williams’ at #11 on the R&B chart.



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Rhubarb (Paramount, 1951)

Based on the 1946 novel of the same name by humorist H. Allen Smith, Rhubarb, the film, was directed by Arthur Lubin. The screwball noir comedy starred Jan Sterling and Ray Milland as well as 14 different cats portraying Rhubarb. The plot: A lonely, eccentric millionaire that owns a baseball team, the Brooklyn Loons, leaves the team to a stray cat, Rhubarb, that he took a liking to. Rhubarb becomes a good luck charm for the team who make a run for the championship.

Orangey (credited as the star of Rhubarb) won a PATSY Award (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year; the animal version of an Oscar). Trivia: Orangey later won the award again for his appearance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the only cat to win the PATSY more than once. Actor Leonard Nimoy has an uncredited role in Rhubarb.

“Sticks & Stones”


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Sticks & Stones/Sticks + Stones (Syco/Epic, 2011)

Sticks & Stones was the debut album by English recording artist Cher Lloyd. (Lloyd finished fourth on the UK version of X-Factor in 2010.) Four singles were released from the album: Swagger Jagger, With Ur Love, Want U Back and Oath. Swagger Jagger topped the British and Scottish charts. With Ur Love featured vocals by American singer Mike Posner and went top five on the UK music charts. Want U Back featured American rapper Astro and remains Lloyd’s most successful single to date. Oath was only released in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Moustache Smash


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Moustache Smash (Spin Master Games, 2014)

Moustaches have been huge since 2014. Someone had to capitalize on that. Spin Master Games introduced this board game to do just that. Players get a moustache and have to be the first to slam said mustache down when a card matches their mustache. This game is great fun!

The Shake


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The Shake (mid-1960s)

The Shake was a fad dance that was replaced by the Twist. The Shake is exhibited by very tense jerkiness of the limbs and head. There are no other particular moves or steps, just the jerky shaking moves. No partner was required either — probably cause you’d scare them half to death.