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10:30 candy Bar (Schrafft’s Candy Company, 1970s)

The 10:30 candy Bar was made by the Schrafft’s Candy Company in Charlestown, Massachusetts. The 10:30 Bar was a crispy rice wafer covered in white chocolate with red (a candied mixture) stripes. The stripes were cinnamon flavored. The 10:30 Bar was wrapped in a transparent wrapper, which was to enhance sales as the bar had an appetizing appearance.

In 1981, Schafft’s went out of business briefly before being taken over by new management. For fans, this candy bar has become somewhat of an urban legend. (I can’t even find a photo of the bar anywhere.) If you grew up on the New England Coast, chances are good you knew of the bar. Outside the region, you probably had no idea. Images and sightings today are rare to non-existent. The love for the 10:30 Bar endures, despite the fact that it does not.