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Snapple Element Drinks (1999)

In April 1999, Snapple introduced a new line of fruit drinks, called Snapple Elements. They started out with Earth, Rain, Fire and Sun. Later, the line grew to include a multitude of flavors. Around 2005, the original glass bottles were replaced with aluminum cans. After its introduction, the line won Beverage World’s Globe Design Gold Award for best overall product design.

The Element Line was made up of: Fire (a dragonfruit drink), Rain (agave cactus), Earth (grape cranberry), Sun (starfruit orange), Meteor (tangelo), Spark (mandarin carrot), Turbulence (shredded lemon), Atomic (jacked apple), Diet Air (prickly peach), Diet Ice (ruby tangelo), Velocity (grapefruit cranberry), Volcano (indigo grape), Voltage (citron), Sky (passion fruit), Gravity (carrot infusion) and Altitude (persimmon). Snapple Element included a tea line: Moon (green tea), Lightning (ginseng black tea) and Infusion (mango tangerine). After their aluminum redesign they added an Aluminum Energy line: Fire, Rain and Meteor were all energy enhanced. Metal had a blood orange taste, Venom was a citrus drink and Subzero tasted like Siberian cherry. Unfortunately all lines were discontinued when sales slipped.