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Dating for Under a Dollar (Legacy Book Press, 1999)

A quote on the cover says, “Dating will never be the same again!” And if you use any of the 301 ideas presented, you can be reassured that you will never get a second date. Blair Tolman is one brave soul for allowing his name to appear on the cover. Published not during the Depression or during the World Wars when money or times were tight, but in 1999. Okay, let me explain a little more. Dating for Under a Dollar was intended for teenagers and youth leaders within the Mormon religion.

He must have been on to something because he published many other “guides:” The Do’s and Dont’s of Dating: A Dating Guide for LDS Girls, Group Dating! 301 Ideas, Young Women Mutual Activies, Young Men Mutual Activities, The Dance Book: 555 Ways to Ask, Answer and Plan for Dances among others.