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Apple Newtons (Nabisco)

Up until the late 19th century doctors prescribed a daily dose of biscuits and fruit as they believed most illnesses were caused by digestive problems. Fig rolls became an ideal solution. Philadelphia baker (and fig lover) Charles Roser invented and patented a machine in 1891 that inserted fig paste into a thick pastry dough. The Kentucky Biscuit Company from Cambridgeport, Massachusetts purchased the recipe and started mass production. These were the very first Fig Newtons to roll off the “assembly line.” They were named “Newtons” after the town of Newton, Massachusetts. When Nabisco took over, the cookies were re-named “Fig Newtons.” For a short while, Nabisco produced other fillings including apple, raspberry and blueberry.

Today, Newtons come in seven varieties: Fig, Fat Free Fig, Strawberry, 100% Whole Grain Fig, 100% Whole Grain Triple Berry, 100% Whole Grain Baked Apple & Cinnamon and 100% Whole Grain Sweet Peach and Apricot.