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Gilligan’s Planet (CBS, 1982-1983)

Gilligan’s Planet was an American Saturday morning animated series produced by Filmation and MGM/UA Television. It was the second animated spin-off of the sitcom Gilligan’s Island (the first being The New Adventures of Gilligan). Gilligan’s Planet was the last cartoon series that Filmation produced for Saturday mornings. (They transitioned to producing cartoons exclusively for syndication.) It was one of the last 1980s Saturday morning cartoons to be fitted with an adult laugh track, as the popularity of the practice had subsided. Gilligan’s Planet featured all of the original actors but one; Tina Louise, who has consistently refused to participate in any Gilligan’s Island-related material since the series ended, again declined to reprise her role as Ginger Grant, who again was portrayed as a platinum blonde instead of Louise’s red hair. Dawn Wells, who had been unavailable during the production of The New Adventures of Gilligan, returned to the franchise, voicing both her own character (Mary Ann Summers) and Ginger.

Gilligan’s Planet is based on the premise that the Professor had managed to build an operational interplanetary spaceship to get the castaways of the original series off the island. True to the castaways’ perpetual bad luck, they rocketed off into space and crash-landed on an unknown planet that supported human life. In many ways, the planet was like the island, but with a strangely colored and cratered surface with more land to get around. The rocket was severely damaged in the crash; thus, the castaways were still stranded and the Professor resumed his attempts to repair their only way home.