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Mighty Heroes (CBS, 1966)

The Mighty Heroes was an animated television series that ran for one season of 20 episodes starting in October 1966. Mighty Heroes was created by Ralph Bakshi for the Terrytoons company. The show took place in Good Haven, a fictitious city that was continually beset by supervillains. When trouble occurred the city launched a massive fireworks display to summon the quintet of superheroes. Each episode followed this basic premise: In the first act, the superheroes were portrayed as accident-prone bumblers, often literally being tangled together who get captured by the villains. In the second act, they escape the deathtrap by regrouping and compotently come together to win the day. So who are the Mighty Heroes? Strong Man (who has super strength and a day job as a mechanic), Rope Man (a sailor who can transform into an unending length of rope), Tornado Man (a TV weather forecaster who can spin himself into a tornado), Cuckoo Man (a bird-shop owner and is the slowest member of the team) and Diaper Man (this leader of the group is an articulate baby who uses his bottle as a weapon).