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Hot Box (Hot Box Records, 1976)

Barbara Mackay is an American musician who trained in piano and violin at Juilliard and the Manhattan School of Music. When she moved into pop music, she really let her sense of humor loose. Her first pop music foray was a five-part female singing group, The Girl Scouts. She moved on to a musical theater troupe, Little Lulu and the Humpers. With her own band Mackay released her debut album, Hot Box. Two singles were released: It’s All Rite to Fuck All Nite and Give Your Dick to Me. Yep. Unsurprisingly both singles had to be heavily censored before they could receive airplay. Other songs included: Eat Me, Vibrator Blues, Sessame Snatch, Whore House Blues and Lesbians Lament. There are more on the album as well. The album is listed as a comedy album and was dedicated to Rabelais, Bessie Smith, Lenny Bruce and all the other mothers who liberated our language by making people laugh.

Mackay has since switched genres again thanks to the singles from Hot Box finding commercial success in Europe. She now writes world music and new age. Mackay’s most recent album was 2008’s Heaven and Earth.