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Feisty Pets (William Mark Corporation)

Feisty Pets are cute plush toys. Being so cute and so soft your natural inclination is to squeeze them. Big mistake! In an instant, that cute toy becomes so angry. The line has been dubbed “The Bad Boys of Plush.” Manufactured by the William Mark Corporation, they are available for purchase at M&M Toys, Vat19 or Amazon and select Hallmark stores. If you head to http://www.feistypets.com you can check out the full line of products, but you cannot purchase from the site. Some of the plush toys comes in mini sizes and with different faces. Currently all the animals available are (these names are hilarious and worth the purchase price for the name alone!):
-Glenda Glitterpoop (unicorn)
-Sammy Suckerpunch (dog)
-Princess Pottymouth (cat)
-Sir Growls-a-Lot (bear)
-Lightning Bolt Lenny (sloth)
-Grandmaster Funk (monkey)
-Ginormous Gracie (giraffe)
-Jacked-Up Jackie (kangaroo)
-Junkyard Jeff (goat)
-Black Belt Bobby (panda)
-Liza Loca (koala)
-Lethal Lena (leopard)
-Rascal Rampage (raccoon)
-Ferdinand Flamefart (dragon)
-Rude Alf (reindeer)
-Billy Blubberbutt (narwhal)
-Taylor Truelove (Valentine Bear)
-Marky Mischief (lion)
-Katy Cobweb (black cat)
-Vicky Vicious (bunny)
-Karl the Snarl (polar bear)
-Tony Tubbalard (harp seal)
-Brainless Brian (triceratops)
-Extinct Eddie (stegosaurus)
-Sparkles Rainbowbarf (pegasus)
-Lunatic Lexi (golden doodle)
-Buford Buttsniffer (basset hound)
-Evil Eden (horse)
-Sly Sissypants (fox)
-Ice Cold Izzy (penguin)
-Dolly Llama (llama)
-Suzie Swearjar (pig)
-Louie Ladykiller (turtle)
-Lady Monstertruck (calico cat)
-Ali Cornball (alicorn)
-Scarin Erin (butterfly)
-Henry Whodunit (snowy owl)