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Prounced Jah-Nay (Motown, 1994)

Pronouned Jah-Nay was the debut studio album on American R&B duo Zhane. It peaked at #37 in the U.S. and was certified Platinum. Five singles were released: Hey Mr. DJ, Groove Thang, Sending My Love, Vibe and You’re Sorry Now. Hey Mr. DJ was their only single to crack the top 10 (#6), Groove Thang was their second to crack the top 20 (#17) and Sending My Love was their third to crack the top 40 (#40). Vibe didn’t even crack the Hot 100 (#119) and You’re Sorry Now only hit the R&B chart (#38). Meanwhile, on the R&B chart, Zhane had three hits — Hey Mr. DJ (#3), Groove Thang (#2) and Sending My Love (#5). Hey Mr. DJ and Groove Thang both hit the top of the dance chart. A lot of the material on Pronounced Jah-Nay were produced and co-written by members of the hip hop band Naughty By Nature. Naughty By Nature and Zhane teamed up again in 1999 for Jamboree which hit #10 in the U.S. despite the fact that the girls had gone on to solo projects after their second album Saturday Night didn’t garner any bigger hits.