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Marc Lepine (October 26, 1964 – December 6, 1989)

In what remains a dark day in Canadian history, Marc Lepine was responsible for a 10-minute shooting rampage that killed 14 women and injured 13 more at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. The shooting remains the deadliest in Canadian history. Born Gamil Gharbi, his father was reportedly abusive to him, his father and his sister. Lepine grew up obsessed with war movies and electronics. He tried to enter the military but was rejected for antisocial behavior. He also had a lifelong difficulty relating to women. In 1982, he changed his name to Marc Lepine, taking on his mother’s surname. He wanted so much to attend the Ecole Polytechique, an engineering school, but was struggling with his night courses to help get him into the school. A week before the shooting, he bought a rifle from a hunting store. Blaming women for all the problems in his life, he walked into the school on the last day of classes before the end of the fall term and shot all the women he found. At the end of his rampage, he turned his rifle on himself.