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Big Time

Another candy bar produced by the Hollywood Brands company was the Big Time bar. It was a bar with peanuts in a nougat center topped with caramel and chocolate.

The Hollywood Brands company was notable because they discovered a method of making fluffy nougat for candy bars that Frank Mars copied for his Milky Way bars. (Frank Mars founded the Mars, Incorporated company which makes Mars, Twix and M&M’s among others.) In the beginning as well, by using real and quality ingredients, company founder Frank Martoccio was able to sell his candy bars for 3 cents, undercutting Hershey’s 5 cent bars at the time. (This was back in the 1930s until 1955.) He sold the company in 1967 and the quality standards were not continued. Today, Hershey’s retains all the brands owned by Hollywood. The only bars that still exist today from Hollywood’s line are Zero and Milky Way.