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$h*! My Dad Says (CBS, 2010-2011)

The Internet is a powerful thing as proven by this American sitcom. The social networking site Twitter had a feed on it created by Justin Halpern, called “Shit My Dad Says.” The quotations Halpern used were indeed from his own father. It was so popular that CBS decided to make a sitcom out of it, running from September 23, 2010 until February 17, 2011. 18 episodes aired until the series was replaced mid-season by Rules of Engagement.

In the series, Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) is a struggling writer and blogger that has to move back home with his very opinionated, highly vocal father Ed (William Shatner). During a job interview, Ed interrupts with a phone call and the editor hires Henry based on the material that Ed can provide Henry.

While much attention was paid to the expletive in the title, the show was not all that interesting to viewers which led to the series’ cancellation.