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Save Tonight (Work, 1997)

In 1997, Swedish rock musician Eagle-Eye Cherry (which is actually his real name) had a massive hit on his hands: Save Tonight. In typical one hit wonder fashion, Save Tonight was Cherry’s debut single off his debut album, Desireless. Save Tonight reached #3 in Ireland, #5 in the U.S., #6 in the UK, #2 in Sweden, #9 in Belgium, #6 in Canada and #9 in the Netherlands. It was voted song of the year by a New Zealand radio station and awarded a Rockbjornen award as Swedish song of the year in 1997.

In 2010 Swedish boy band E.M.D. covered the song as the lead single from their second album Rewind. It peaked at #3 in Sweden. The love for Save Tonight endures in Sweden for sure.