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Shocking Roulette (Jumpin Banana)

In Shocking Roulette, four players stick their index fingers into a slot. The dial spins and the loser gets shocked — for real. The three surviving players move on to the next round. Play continues until only one is left. You can adjust the level of shock from 1 to 4. Level 1 is akin to a static shock while 4 is still described as a “tingle” and “harmless.”

Shocking Roulette is designed for those 14 and over and is not recommended for players with heart conditions, pacemakers, epilepsy nor pregnant ladies. You are advised to not use it in a shower or bathtub nor to put anything but your finger in the slot. You should also avoid the use of drugs while playing. Meanwhile Shocking Roulette is described as a great party game, a great tailgating game or a great bar game. But don’t use drugs.