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The Banana Splits Adventure Hour(NBC, 1968)

The Banana Splits Adventure Hour was an hour long variety program that aired Saturday mornings from September 1968 until September 1970. 31 episodes were produced over that time span. The Banana Splits Adventure Hour combined live action segments with animated segments and was Hanna-Barbera’s first foray in that format. The Banana Splits were a fictional rock band of four furry animals: Fleegle (the Beagle) played guitar (and vocals); Bingo was a gorilla who played drums (and vocals); Drooper was a lion who played bass (and vocals) and Snorky (an elephant) played keyboards and provided sound effects. All characters except Snorky spoke English; Snorky “spoke” in honky sounds. In 2009, Warner Home Video released the complete first season on DVD in Region 2 (Europe/middle East/West Asia/Japan/South Africa/Greenland).

In 2008, the band was “reformed” for some new comedy shorts and music videos for the Cartoon Network. A live show and website were also created. A kids-themed area (Banana Splitsville) was added in the Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. (The theme park later became Freestyle Music Park before closing in 2009.)