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The Super 6(NBC, 1966)

The Super 6 was a 1960s animated Saturday morning cartoon TV series. It was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises (their first Saturday morning cartoon show) and Mirish-Rich Television Productions. 20 episodes were produced between September 1966 and January 1967. The series ran on NBC until August 1969. The entire series has been released on DVD via TGG Direct. The Super 6 was a spoof of superhero cartoons and featured a half dozen diverse characters under the supervision of a cranky dispatcher. Each episode consisted of three 5- to 6-minute segment. The introductory segment always featured Super Bwoing and the final segment featured one of the other five heroes (Granite Man, Magneto Man, Elevator Man, Super Scuba or Captain Whammo/Zammo). (Captain Whammo originally was to be named Whammo until the company Wham-O filed a grievance over copyright infringement. Whammo’s name was changed to Zammo.) The middle segment of The Super 6 featured the unrelated characters of The Brothers Matzoriley. The Brothers were a three-headed Siamese triplet character that were Three Stooges-style bumblers. Their names were Weft, Wight and Wong. Weft was a tough guy with an Irish brogue, Wight was a wimpy English accented individual while Wong was a smart alecky Chinese who spouted Confucius parodies. All three personalities were (as you could guess) pretty stereotypical.