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Shit Happens (Byker Books, 2012)

Shit Happens is an independent book in which Rose Starling, an abused wife is living on benefits with her three children on a sink estate in a small town in the Newcastle (England)area. Her problems intensify when bits of her ex-husband turn up in various places and DI Savage seems to be bending the evidence against her. On top of that, she’s being pressured by Vera Devlin into taking a job on the estate while working in a topless bar. Desperate to extricate herself from the mess, she breaks into her former marital home to retrieve the diary of her late husband, except her former mother-in-law has taken up residence and arrives home early from bingo that evening! Now what?

Shit Happens was written by English author Eileen Wharton. She has also published a short story collection (Rainbows in Puddles and a children’s book The Shmoohly Boo). Her most recent publication is a thriller entitled Blanket of Blood.