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Space Ghost (CBS, 1966-1968)

Space Ghost was an American animated children’s Saturday morning cartoon series. It aired on CBS from September 10, 1966 to September 7, 1968 for 2 seasons and 20 episodes. Each half-hour show contained two Space Boy animated segments and a Dino Boy animated segment. The shows were unrelated to each other. Space Ghost was created by Alex Toth and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (yes, the animated geniuses behind Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo and many others).

Space Ghost (voiced by Gary Owens) fought villains in outer space with his teenaged sidekicks Jan and Jace (Ginny Tyler and Tim Matheson) and their monkey Blip (Don Messick). Usually Jan or Jace would get captured or trapped by a villain and Space Ghost would have to save the day. Dino Boy was a young boy named Todd that parachuted out of a crashing plane, leaving his parents behind. He lands in an unknown South American valley where dinosaurs, cavemen and prehistoric mammals are surviving alongside strange creatures and various tribes (Moss Men, Rock Pygmies, Worm People, Vampire Men and others). Cavemen Ugh saves Dino Boy from a Smilodon when he first arrives. Ugh and his pet baby Brontosaurus Bronty become Dino Boy’s friends. Dino was voiced by Johnny Carson (not the talk show host; this Johnny Carson quickly changed his name to his full name John David Carson to differentiate himself). Mike Road voiced Ugh and Don Messick voiced Bronty. Gary Owens provided the opening narration.

Many episodes of Space Ghost were released on VHS tapes. In July 2017, Warner Home Video releases Space Ghost and Dino Boy: The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1. Dan Spiegle adapted the series into a comic that was distributed by Gold Key Comics.