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The Interception

The Interception was a Russian extreme game show that was popular in 1997 to 1998. It was presented by Nikolay Fomenko and the main prize was a Daewoo Espero. Two players (hijackers) were accompanied by assistants (navigators) and had to avoid getting arrested for as long as possible. The “hunters” drove six Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors of the patrol service special battalion. The pursuit actually takes place on the streets of Moscow. Hijackers can use any means to hide from the hunters as long as they don’t violate traffic rules.

If not detained in 30 minutes, the hijacker can stop the game and pass on to the next program with a third of his car. If he lasts another 5 minutes, he wins the whole car. He must make his decision during the 28 minute mark. In the second season, the hijackers started with practically empty fuel tanks and had to pick up gas at agreed upon places or had to obtain fuel in other ways.