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Life Saver Holes (Kraft Foods, 1990)

Who doesn’t love eating the holes from doughnuts? Life Savers tried to copy the idea and make some more cash on the side.

They weren’t actually the middles of Life Savers candies, they were custom creations to resemble middles. The flavors of the middles were often the same, but described as more “vibrant.” Many of the commercials for Life Saver Holes were created by Pixar, yes, the geniuses behind some of Disney’s best modern day children’s films. (This was before Pixar had a hit with Toy Story when they had the time to take on outside projects before becoming a Disney machine.) The ads presented the middles as “the children” of a regular Life Saver and the “kids” were a bundle of energy! Life Saver Holes may look like a Tic Tac, but they are fatter and chunkier. Kids were head over heels in love.

No one knows quite why or when Life Saver Holes died out. The only information I can find is a packaging recall, but that shouldn’t have killed a product completely.