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Party Down (Starz, 2009-2010)

Party Down followed a group of actors that moved to Los Angeles with the hope of making it in Hollywood but, instead, end up having to make ends meet by working as caterers for the company Party Down. The American comedy series starred Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Lizzy Caplan and Jennifer Coolidge. Megan Mulally joined the series for the second season. The series ran for two seasons and a total of 20 episodes. In 2012, the first rumors sprang up about a possible film adaptation. In 2015, Scott shot down the idea saying that, if anything, there would be new episodes of the show but that a film would be extremely unlikely.

Party Down was cancelled on June 30, 2010. Critics loved the show, but the public did not — enough. (Though it did have a cult following.) Party Down lost actress Jane Lynch to Glee so she was mostly able to participate in season 2. Then actor Scott had to leave for his commitment to Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately, these two character losses were also believed to be nails in the coffin for Party Down.