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Pre-Chewed Pencils

This toy falls into the “are you kidding?” file. Buy your child a pre-chewed pencil to get him to keep it out of his mouth and to remain focused on his work. Really? An already chewed pencil is supposed to help with focus?

The pre-chewed pencils come to us via a UK-based design firm called Concentrate. The company designs products specifically for school children and their aim is to help children concentrate
at school by identifying the reasons why they can’t. Their slogan: “No need to spend time chewing your pencil–just get down to some concentrated thinking and who knows what you might come up with.” There has not been any explanation of just who exactly are chewing on the pencils for you. If you’re seriously interested (or more likely looking for a gag gift for a loved one), a pack of 4 pencils should set you back about $3.