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Candy Land (1940s)

In the early 1940s polio had incapacitated thousands of Americans. A victim of said disease wanted to invent a past time for children who were recuperating. Her most successful idea was the board game Candy Land.

On the advice of her friends, Eleanor Abbott, sent the game to Milton Bradley who had the game on store shelves by 1949. The board game was designed for preschoolers age three to six, The game is simple: You travel along the rainbow-colored trail passing the Peppermint Stick Forest and Gumdrop Mountain, navigating past the impediments of the Molasses Swamp and Ice Cream Floats. You draw a simple color card and advance to squares of the same color. The winner is the first to reach Candy Land. Candy Land was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2005.