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Clearly Canadian beverages (1990s)

Clearly Canadian was founded in 1987 and sold clear beverages and was well known throughout North America, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe and Japan.

In 1987, Clearly Canadian flavoured sparkling water hit the shelves. By 1993, annual sales were at $155 million. In 1994, Clearly Tea and Clearly Two Beverages were introduced. In 1996, Orbitz was introduced. In 1998, Clearly Canadian O+2 Battery and Refresher drinks are introduced. In 2000, diet beverages are added. Some corporate restructuring began and the brand disappeared. In 2013, crowd-sourcing was organized to bring the brand back. In 2015, the pre-sale campaign reached its goal of 25,000 cases and Clearly Canadian was back into production. In 2017, Clearly Canadian is producing at national levels in Vancouver and Montreal.

For non-Canadians who aren’t able to purchase the drinks again, do you remember the Clearly Canadian sparkling water flavors: Wild Cherry, Green Apple, Peach Mango, Orchard Peach, Mountain Blackberry, Coastal Cranberry, Summer Strawberry, Country Raspberry, Western Loganberry, Tropical Tangerine or Alpine Fruit & Berries? Or do you remember Clearly Tea, Clearly Sparkling Tea, non0flavored Clearly Canadian Sparkling Water, DailyHydration, DailyEnergy, DailyVitamin, Clearly O+2, Clearly H2O, Tre Limone or any of the Orbitz drinks?