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Christa Pike (March 10, 1976)

Wait, what, there’s no death date. Not yet. Christa Pike is currently on death row in Tennessee. In fact, she is the youngest woman to be sentenced to death in the U.S. She was a tender 20 years old and committed the murder at the even more tender age of 18.

Pike fell in love with Tadaryl Shipp. She became jealous of Colleen Slemmer when she thought Slemmer was interested in Shipp and Pike became set on a vendetta. Pike and friend Shadolla Peterson planned to lure Slemmer to an abandoned and isolated steam plant close to the University of Tennessee campus. On January 12, 1995, Pike, Shipp, Peterson and Slemmer went into some woods so Slemmer and Pike could make peace. Instead, Pike and Shipp attacked Slemmer (Peterson served as a lookout) for a full 30 minutes before Pike smashed Slemmer’s skull with a chunk of asphalt. Pike kept a part of Slemmer’s skull and was showing it off to other classmates. Within 36 hours, the trio was arrested. On March 22, 1996, Pike was found guilty. She was sentenced to death March 30, 1996. (Shipp received a life sentence; he is up for parole in 2028. Peterson turned informant and received probation after pleading guilty to being an accessory.)

You would expect the story to end there, but no. On August 24, 2001, Pike (assisted by fellow inmate Natasha Cornett) attacked and almost killed inmate Patricia Jones with a shoe string. Pike was convicted of attempted first degree murder on August 12, 2004. (Cornett wasn’t charged as authorities felt there was insufficient evidence to charge her.) Pike almost escaped from prison in March 2012. Pike would’ve been executed August 19, 2002 if not for the additional legal trouble. A new execution date has yet to be announced.