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Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos (Nine Network, 1992)

Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos was an Australian TV comedy one-off special spin-off show of Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. As the show’s title suggests, these videos featured sexual situations and sexually explicit content. Producers of Funniest Home Videos often received racy or risque videos that couldn’t be included due to its family-friendly nature and since they don’t return videos, producers decided to compile the videos into a one-off special aimed at an adult audience. Naughtiest Home Videos was hosted by radio personality Doug Mulray.

Naughtiest Home Videos aired September 4, 1992. Station owner Kerry Packer tuned in to watch. He became so offended that 34 minutes into the broadcast, he phoned the station and demanded that the show be taken off the air. After the commercial break, Nine Network announced that due to technical difficulties, they were unable to continue airing the show and instead aired a Cheers rerun instead. The audience was more forgiving of the show. 65% of callers were upset at the show’s cancellation, while 60% agreed with the decision. Most viewers were bewildered by the sudden interruption, until the media were able to explain the next day.

Packer died in 2005. On August 28, 2008, Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos was broadcast in its entirety. As a gag, they “interrupted” the show with a technical difficulties announcement and cut to the Cheers opening credits before resuming a monologue by new host Bert Newton.