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Whoopee Cushion

A whoopee (whoopie) cushion (or farting bag, windy blaster, poo-poo cushion or Razzberry Cushion) is a practical joke device that produces a noise resembling a “raspberry” or human flatulence. A whoopee cushion is made by two pieces of rubber glued together at the edges. A small opening with a flap at one end allows for air to enter and leave the cushion. To use, inflate it with air and place it on a chair. When someone sits down, the air is forced out and the flap vibrates to create a loud, fart-like sound.

The whoopee cushion was invented in the 1920s by JEM Rubber Co in Toronto. The owner approached Samuel Sorenson Adams, the inventor of numerous practical jokes and owner of S.S. Adams Co. He then went to the Johnson Smith Company and it was a hit. (S.S. Adams Co. later released a version called the Razzberry Cushion.)