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Donuts (Stones Throw, 2005)

Donuts was American hip hop producer J Dilla’s second studio album. It was released on his 32nd birthday (February 7) and, ultimately, three days before his death. Donuts is an instrumental hip hop album full of mostly sampled content. Donuts has received universal acclaim from most critics.

Dilla was diagnosed with an incurable blood disease (TTP) in 2002. (He had previously been diagnosed with lupus.) Donuts came to fruition during an extended hospital stay. His friends came to visit him with a Boss SP-303 sampler and a small 45 record player so Dilla could make music in the hospital. 29 of the 31 songs on Donuts were done during this hospital stay. Donuts peaked at #21 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart.

On February 10, 2000, Dilla went into cardiac arrest and passed away at his Los Angeles home.