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Please Sir! (London Weekend Television, 1968-1972)

Please Sir! was a British situation comedy series that ran for 4 seasons and 55 episodes. It centered around Bernard Hedges (played by John Alderton). Hedges was a teacher fresh out of training college that is assigned to Fern Street School to teach class 5C, the unruliest form at the school. For the final season, Hedges and his pupils were placed with a new class. The original pupils continued on in their own spin-off series, The Fern Street Gang. Also in 1971, Please Sir! had a film released in which Hedges got married and resigned from the school — hence why for the last season he was replaced.

Please Sir!’s cast was rounded out with Deryck Guyler (Mr. Norman), Joan Sanderson (Miss Ewell), Noel Howlett (Mr. Cromwell), Erik Chitty (Mr. Smith) and Richard Davies (Mr. Price).