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Here Come the Double Deckers (ABC, BBC 1, 1970)

Here Come the Double Deckers was a 17-part British children’s TV adventure series. Seven children had a den in an old red double decker bus in an unused London junkyard. It was a joint venture between Century Films in Britain and 20th Century Fox in the U.S. Here Come the Double Deckers aired from September 12, 1970 until September 3, 1972 in the U.S. and from January 1, 1971 to April 30, 1971 in the UK. Originally scheduled for a 26-episode run, the show ceased production after only 17 episodes. The entire series is available for purchase in the UK.

The cast of Here Come the Double Deckers include: Michael Audreson, Gillian Bailey, Bruce Clark, Peter Firth, Brinsley Forde, Debbie Russ and Douglas Simmonds. For a year, there was a “Double Deckers” cartoon strip.