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The 4-Hour Body

This diet is brought to you by author and blogger Tim Ferriss, better known as the 4-Hour Business guy. In his second book, The 4-Hour Body, Ferriss (mainly through his own personal experience) looks at diet, sleep, exercise, sex and the perks of medical tourism (undergoing tests or medical treatments outside the U.S.) His premise is less is more and that small, simple changes can produce long-lasting effects. Is there any scientific proof? Keep in mind, Ferriss is not a doctor, dietician or nutritionist. He did spend three years interviewing numerous athletes, doctors, scientists and other experts and does make a disclaimer about consulting a doctor before following any of his advice. Most of his tips you may have heard many times before. When you’re trying to make a big weight change, starting small is the best advice you will ever receive. Note that there are some outlandish tips in the book. But they’re easy to spot.