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Profit (Fox, 1996)

An American drama series that TV Guide called “shockingly memorable,” Profit sits at #4 on their list of 60 TV shows that were “Cancelled Too Soon.” Profit is considered to be a series ahead of its time and a precursor to the early 21st-century edgy melodramas such as The Sopranos, Mad Men, Dexter and Breaking Bad. Profit’s controversial themes that stemmed from the lead character, Jim Profit’s amoral, Richard III-style ways made the show a sometimes uncomfortable viewing. Profit was cancelled after three episodes (and the pilot) aired. Adrian Pasdar played the title character. Profit aired from April 8 to 29, 1996.

You can purchase the entire series of 8 episodes (four of which Fox was unable to air due to the cancellation) on DVD in both regions 1 and 2.