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Playing with Fire (Federation, 2006)

Playing With Fire is the debut (and thankfully only) album from (then known as a) celebrity husband (of Britney Spears) Kevin Federline. Huge note here: Federation Records was Federline’s own record label (no real label would touch this garbage) and the executive producer was Spears. Not surprisingly, Playing with Fire was universally panned by critics (and audiences) and is rated as the lowest album on music review aggregator Metacritic. Playing with Fire has only sold just over 16,000 copies. The lead single was supposed to be PopoZao, but after that was panned by critics, the plan was scrapped. Instead, Lose Control was used. One week after Playing with Fire was released, Spears filed for divorce. (By the way, Spears said she helped to finance this album because she wanted Federline to feel supported.)

As if all this wasn’t embarrassing enough: A tour was undertaken in early October 2006. It began at New York City’s Webster Hall, which could hold 1,500 people. 300 showed up. By the end of the concert only one-third of those remained. His next date was Chicago’s House of Blues. To fill the seats, most of the tickets were given away for free. It didn’t work and the remainder of the “tour” was scrapped.