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Mensch Herbert Gronemeyer (Gronland/EMI, 2002)

Mensch was German rock/pop artist Herbert Gronemeyer’s 11th full-length album of original material. The title track, Mensch (which means human) was Gronemeyer’s first number one German single. The album, Mensch was composed after the death of his wife and older brother in the same week and is reflective of these events. Songs range in genre from rock to ballads. The major theme of Mensch is Gronemeyer’s reflections of his own humanity as it relates to feeling loss.

Mensch sold almost 4 million copies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is the best-selling German-language album (as of right now). It was certified 21 times Platinum in Germany and is the best-selling German album of all time. The single Mensch topped the Austrian and German charts. In Switzerland, it peaked at #2. The second single, Der Weg hit #14 in Austria, #35 in Switzerland and #12 in Germany. Demo (Letzter Tag) hit #53 in Austria and #36 in Germany. Zum Meer hit #81 in Germany.