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BMX Bandits (Umbrella/Filmways, 1983)

BMZ Bandits was a 1983 Australian adventure/crime drama film that was actress Nicole Kidman’s first big-screen appearance. (She was 16 at the time.) Two BMX bikers (Angelo D’Angelo and James Lugton) and a friend Judy (Kidman) go on a fishing trip. They stumble upon a carton of walkie-talkies that were stolen from the police. Since their bikes were totaled and Judy wants her own bike, they decide to sell the walkie-talkies. The walkie-talkies had been stolen by a
group of murderous bank robbers and the
two groups become entangled.

Produced for about $1 million, BMX Bandits brought in about that same amount of money in six weeks. The success of BMX Bandits led Kidman to be cast in the TV series Five Mile Creek. When BMX Bandits was released in the UK, a Guardian review said: “there’s a girl called Nicole Kidman who’s rather good.” BMX Bandits has been released on DVD in 2010 that is compatible for all region codes, it was released again as a region-free DVD and Blu-ray in 2013. These both contain bonus features including Kidman discussing the film. A regular DVD film release was done in January 2012 but does not include any bonus material.