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Debt is Slavery (2007)

Debt is Slavery recounts author
Michael Mihalik’s monetary transformation. In his 128-page book, he outlines the 10 steps he personally used to gain control of his finances and pay off a large amount of debt. Mihalik is not a money expert, he’s just a regular guy and has boiled his book down to the absolute basics and all of his tips are easily doable by anyone.
(At only 128 pages, it won’t even take that long to get through, and you never know what tips you can pick up.)

The title, Debt is Slavery is Mihalik’s first mind shift. If you’ve ever had debt, you can certainly relate that borrowing money puts you in a financial servitude to the lender. The end of Debt is Slavery provides an in-depth description of a simple way to plan your finances.