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Gak (Mattel, 1992)

In the late 1980s, Nickelodeon began airing what became a popular children’s game show, Double Dare. On the show, it sometimes got messy from “Gak.” In 1992, Mattel began to manufacture their own compound of Gak. In 1994, Gak was re-issued in the Nickelodeon Deluxe Gift Set that had one can of Gak and two cans of Floam. Gak made a “fart” noise when you squeezed it into its clear star-shaped can.

Gak is a putty toy and modeling compound that comes in various colors. Over the years, Gak has ceased production numerous times only to make numerous short-lived comebacks.

After a mention on a November 2012 episode of the animated My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, Gak was re-launched.

Just be careful who you ask to provide you with Gak. Gak is a street name for heroin. Nickelodeon probably wouldn’t have used the name “Gak” for the product, but they were unaware of the term’s use in drug culture.