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The Book of Lists

Compiled by David Wallechinsky, his father Irving Wallace and sister Amy Wallace, The Book of Lists contains hundreds of lists on unusual or obscure topics, such as the world’s greatest libel suits, worst places to hitchhike, people
suspected of being Jack the Ripper. The first edition of The Book of Lists was published in 1977 and was labeled controversial and banned in some U.S. libraries for a list that graphically described the pros and cons of popular sexual positions.

The second edition was published in 1980 and the third edition in 1983. In 1993, The Book of Lists for the 1990s was published. In 2005 The New Book of Lists appeared. It wasn’t really new, the lists were primarily reprinted or updated from the first three editions. Also in 2005, a Canadian edition was published. The Canadian edition was a mixture of content from the first three editions that were updated and specifically Canadian focused.