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100% (Channel 5, 1997-2001)

100% was a British game show that aired from March 31, 1997 to December 24, 2001. 100% didn’t technically have a host, former newsreader for Thames Television Robin Houston read the questions off-screen and was never seen by the viewers. Three players had three seconds to answer the multiple choice answers of the general knowledge questions provided. Every fifth question was a true or false. The contestant who answered the most questions correctly won. In case of a tie, a 101st question was asked and whomever responded correctly the fastest won. The winner won 100 pounds and chose whether to return as champion for the next show. During gameplay, contestants were not to speak.

The percentage factor came in during gameplay. Players are shown individual’s scores as a percentage, but the name isn’t attached to the percentages. They were told when the lead changed, but not specifically who was in the lead. (Later, they changed the rules to attach the names to the scores until question 50.) The audiences were able to see whose was in the lead the whole game.

Ratings for 100% were reasonable, but the show was dropped during a station revamp in 2002.