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T.H.E. Cat (NBC, 1966-1967)

This American drama’s opening summed it up perfectly: “Out of the night comes a man who saves lives at the risk of his own. Once a circus performer, an aerialist who refused the net. Once a cat burglar, a master among jewel thieves. Now a professional bodyguard. Primitive…savage…in love with danger. The Cat!”

Robert Loggia starred as the title character, Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat. T.H.E. Cat was a forerunner of TV characters that skirted the edge of the law and brought skills from earlier careers to provide more help to people than the police provided. T.H.E. Cat was one of three TV shows at the time (The Green Hornet and The Case of the Dangerous Robin being the other two) that showed martial arts in a realistic way.

T.H.E. Cat aired for one season, or 26 episodes, from September 16, 1966 to March 31, 1967.