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McHale’s Navy (ABC, 1962-1966)

The American sitcom McHale’s Navy was developed from an hour-long drama entitled Seven Against the
. The sitcom inspired three movies: McHale’s Navy (1964), McHale’s Navy Joins the Air Force (1965) and McHale’s Navy (1967).

The TV series aired on ABC for four seasons from October 11, 1962 until April 12, 1966. 138 half hour
episodes were produced in black and white.

McHale’s Navy recounts the misadventures of a misfit PT Boat crew during WWII. While Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale (Ernest Borgnine) and his crew are constantly engaging in wacky schemes to make money, have fun and gets girls, Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn) is trying to rid himself of the PT-73 crew for good — either by transfer or court martial. Tim Conway starred as Ensign Parker, Bob Hastings was Lieutenant Carpenter.

In 1964, McHale’s Navy producer Edward Montagne made up a female version of McHale’s Navy, entitled Broadside. Broadside ran for 32 episodes. In 1997 another sequel of the series was released starring Tom Arnold. Each season of McHale’s Navy is separately available for purchase. As of November 2015, a complete series boxset is also available.