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Madballs (American Greetings, 1980s)

Created by AmToy, a subsidiary of American Greetings, Madballs were a series of toy rubber balls. The balls incorporated gross out humor; each had a character synopsis and an odd name.

The balls were traditionally tennis ball-sized rubber or foam bouncing balls with horrendous faces and were designed to appeal to boys. There were two series or round Madballs. Each series consisted of eight balls, as well as a collection of Super Madballs — a larger version and shaped like other sports balls. (“Touchdown Terror” was a football, “Goal Eater” was a soccer ball and “Foul Shot” was a basketball.) Some Madballs squirted water or miniature wind-up toys. There was a short-lived series of Head-Popping Madballs that had attached bodies. There was a vehicle — the Madballs Rollercycle and numerous other licensed Madball items.

The original Madballs were:
-Screamin Meemie — a baseball with a scary face and large tongue
-Slobulus — a drooling creature with one eye hanging out
-Aargh — a one-eyed, blue “Frankenstein” monster
-Horns-Head — a horned cyclops
-Dust Brain — a mummy
-Oculus Orbus — an eyeball
-Skull Face — a skull
-Crack Head — a head with an exposed brain (Later renamed Bash Brain)

The second series featured:
-Snake Ball — a gorgon
-Freaky Fullback — a mutant football player
-Splitting Headache — a monster with half of his skin peeled off
-Bruise Biker — an ugly biker
-Wolf Breath — a werewolf
-Fist Face — a severed hand clutching an eyeball
-Swine Sucker — an ugly boar
-Lock Lips — a creature with his jaw locked with a padlock and one eye covered with a riveted plate