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If U Were Mine U-Krew (Enigma, 1989-1990)

Originally this band formed in October 1984 as the Untouchable Krew. They shortened their name to the U-Krew and released their only album, The U-Krew in 1989. In 1990, If U Were Mine, their debut single, peaked at #21. Their follow-up single, Let Me Be Your Lover peaked at #68. In 1992, their record company, Enigma Records folded and the U-Krew were never able to release a follow-up album.

The U-Krew was a R&B quintet hailing from Portland, Oregon and included Kevin Morse (who passed away in 2014), Larry Bell (who passed away in 2011), Lavell Alexander, James McClendon and Hakim Rashad Muhammad.

In 1996, Muhammad and McClendon formed Hakim & J-Mack. In 1999, they released an album, Playalistic on Portland record label, Lucky Records. In October 2012, the U-Krew was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.

If you search for U-Krew today, you may be directed to the Adelaide, Australian band.