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Poison (Killer Films, 1991)

Poison was a 1991 science fiction, drama, horror independent film written and directed by Todd Haynes. It is composed of three
intercut stories, partially inspired by the novels of Jean Genet, a French novelist. The three stories are: Hero — seven-year-old Richie shoots his father and flees. Horror — a scientist isolates “the elixir of human sexuality.” He is
transformed into a hideous, murderous leper. Homo — prisoner John Broom is attracted to another prisoner Jack Bolton. Homo is an adaptation of Genet’s The Miracle of the Rose. Thanks to Homo, Poison is considered an early entry of the New Queer Cinema movement.

Poison was first screened at Sundance in 1991, It received a limited U.S. release. In North America, it was released on DVD in October 1999. Poison was produced for $250,000 and brought in over $785,000. Poison starred Scott Renderer, James Lyons, Edith Meeks, Millie White, Buck Smith, Rob LaBelle and Damien Garcia (who is actually actor John Leguizamo).