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Nightflight to Venus (Atlantic, 1978)

Nightflight to Venus was the third album from the German-based vocal group Boney M. (None of the members of the original line-up were German.) The group was put together by German music producer Frank Farlan.) Boney M was formed in 1976 and achieved their fame in the disco era of the late 70s. Nightflight to Venus was the first #1 album in the UK. It was also a huge success in continental Europe, Scandinavia and Canada, topping most of the album charts in these regions. Nightflight to Venus was certified 5x Platinum in Canada, double Platinum in Germany and Platinum in Hong Kong, Spain and the UK.

Nightflight to Venus produced the singles: Rivers of Babylon and Brown Girl in the Ring, a double A-sided single. It topped the UK Singles chart and sold over 2 million copies. It currently sits at #5 on the list of Best Selling Singles of All Time. Nightflight to Venus also contains Rasputin — in most countries, another double A-sided single with Painter Man, a cover of the 1966 hit from The Creation. In the UK, Rasputin and Painter Man were released separately. Rivers of Babylon peaked at #30 on the Hot 100 and was their biggest American hit.