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Conical Bra (1940s)

Actress Jane Russell was the first to popularize
this new style. Also known as bullet bras, these undergarments remained popular into the mid-1960s. They were so popular in the 40s and 50s that a lot of dresses had bust “darts” in the “wrong” place — this was to accommodate the conical bra most women were wearing. (If you can find one of these dresses, get yourself a conical bra and check out the difference. The misplaced darts will make sense.) Conical bras don’t look great under tight fitting clothing.

Conical bras received a bit of a resurgence in the late 1980s thanks to fashion chameleon Madonna, who sported such a bra in her video for Open Your Heart and while on tour. Today, conical bras have come back into fashion thanks to the AMC show, Mad Men, a show set in the 1960s.