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Billy Laughlin (July 5, 1932 – August 31, 1948)

William Robert “Billy” Laughlin was born in San Gabriel, California and starred as Froggy in the Our Gang short films of the early 1940s. Froggy had a strange, guttural voice (that sounded like a frog’s croak) that Laughlin produced without dubbing. According to his Our Gang costars, Laughlin was a dearly loved, sweet, gentle soul. When Our Gang wrapped in 1944, Laughlin appeared in the 1944 romcom Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Any More. By this time at age 12, Laughlin moved away from show business to have a “normal” teen life.

On August 31, 1948, Laughlin and a friend were delivering newspapers near Laughlin’s La Puente, California home. A speeding truck hit their scooter. Laughlin’s friend, John Wilbrand received minor injuries while Laughlin died at the hospital. He was only 16 years old.