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The A-List Young Adult book series (Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2000s)

The A-List series takes readers behind the scenes of the intoxicating world of Hollywood glitterati. 17-year-old Upper East Side blueblood Anna Percy is on her way to Beverly Hills to move in with her estranged father for the remainder of the school year. Her mother is going to travel Europe with a friend. On the plane, Anna gets hit on by record producer Rick Resnick. Princeton student Ben Birnbaum saves her by inviting her to attend famous actor Jackson Sharpe’s wedding. There she meets the cast of the rich and famous characters who are soon to be her classmates at Beverly Hills High, including her new friends, Samantha Sharpe, Camille Sheppard and Delia Young.

The original incarnation of the A-List series include 10 books. The last being California Dreaming, published in April 2008. As of March 2010, The A-List series has 3 spin-off books.

The A-List book series were written by Zoey Dean, a pseudonym for the creators of The A-List series and How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, which was turned into a TV show, Privileged for the CW network in September 2008. Dean’s books are produced by the media packager Alloy Entertainment that created Gossip Girl and The Clique Series. The Dean pseudonym has been used jointly by writers Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld. These two have written for the TV soap operas over the years, notably the Young & the Restless.